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We provide expertise in several areas of web design to drive your business towards success. We'll help you to generate more leads by building beautiful websites for your business. 

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Web Design Hub

Web Design Hub

If you Google your business right now, what would you find? If your business is to succeed, you must build positive connections between your brand and the world around you. Having a website and a strong and active presence online is non-negotiable in this regard: “Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them”.

What Drives The Success Of A Website?

Exceptional user-experience and a customised build accommodating your business goals. Having a website is the quintessential element for business survival in the 21st century. Word of mouth has turned digital and sourcing leads and making sales has become a measurable process, but it’s all thanks to the first step - having a website. Your website is your virtual shop window, even if you are in a service-based industry. The internet is a giant shopping mall where billions of transaction happen daily.

It’s the most lucrative platform there is, and if you open a shop window in this giant shopping mall, you’re going to get your fair share of the billions of transactions. First, you have to understand the rules. 

We build websites that are aesthetically appealing. How important is it to have an appealing website? 94% of visitors’ first impressions relate to your site's web design. It’s crucial. Your homepage must be user-friendly, attractive, and easy to navigate. You need to dabble in buyer psychology and design to handle this effectively.

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Website Design Syntelo
Website Design Hub - business growth

Business Website Design That Supports Growth

Effortless navigation equals more clicks, more engagements, more sales. Why do we spend so much time on the user-experience and the layout of your site? Simple. We want you to wow your web visitors. Syntelo’s web design studio produces user-friendly websites that are super easy to navigate, informative and welcoming, and well-indexed on Google.

We bring exceptional copywriting services. How easily your website visitors are converted into customers depends on your ability to communicate our organisation’s value. Unless you’re seriously gifted with words, this is a potential snag if you DIY it. Leave it to the pros. There’s a lot resting on this. 

Your website has to offer value. Google is the centre management if we revisit the shopping mall analogy. They evaluate websites according to how much value they bring to the internet’s users. Google gets to decide how visible each website will be, based on the value they offer to users. 

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Ready to launch your brand into the digital world? 

We want to help because we believe your business deserves to seen and supported. Get in touch with us, let’s discuss the web development services we can bring to the table to get you profitable.



5-page website design including blog

Simple yet attractive design 

copywriting for 5 - 10 pages 

SEO with placement guarantee - 20 keywords 

Responsive Design 


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20-page website design w/blog

High-end professional website

Copywriting for 25 pages

SEO w/placement guarantee (80 keywords)

Responsive design 

Database integration

Ecommerce functionality 


Integration of Live chatbox

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Our Web Design Services

eCommerce website design

WordPress web development

Responsive website design

Custom web application development

SEO and web indexing

Affordable website design

Need content? We offer content writing with our web development services for better results.

At Syntelo, our web design studio always recommends you partner your web design service with content writing services for a power-packed duo. Writing for the web requires specialised knowledge of both SEO and buyer psychology in the digital world. 

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