End-to-End IT Support Built Around Your Business Needs. 

Technology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and even if you do love to tinker with tech, running a business means you need your IT systems up and running 24/7. We bring you end-to-end IT support that’s custom-built around the needs of SMEs.

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When you consider how much pressure rests on IT support, you realise that IT really forms the backbone of any business. An IT leader can also improve productivity, reduce overheads, and streamline workflows by identifying where automation and new IT systems can be implemented. It takes knowledge of the organisation’s operations and expertise in the IT industry’s latest innovations, to give SMMEs actual cost-saving results. Your IT structure lays the foundation for every activity your business undertakes - from following up on a lead, organising your work schedule, safeguarding your organisation’s data and even contacting clients or making arrangements with suppliers. We specialise in every area of IT support, especially for SMMEs. Handling security and networking is an incredibly sensitive task that requires expert knowledge. We are proud to offer this service with prestige-quality attention to detail. 

The Components Of IT Support

Understanding how your IT team can service the entire business start with an understanding of the components of IT support;

The Hardware: The physical tools you can hold in your hands that enable you and your team to store, sort and access your organisation’s data. We can install systems that look like they’re wireless (even though they’re not) enabling printing, internet connectivity, PABX communication systems, and all of your routing and wiring. 

The Software - The intelligence your IT systems rely on to perform all of their tasks. We offer remote and on-site IT software services, from installation through to ongoing management, diagnoses, repairs, and customer service. 

The Network - Network services control the way your organisation connects with the outside world. It It ensures you are able to reach out effortlessly while it ensures that any data coming in is filtered to ensure there are no safety hazards, like viruses or spyware. This includes data protection and security (firewalls, antivirus software etc).

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IT Support - Syntelo
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IT Support Services That Simplify Day-to-Day Operations

A CRM shouldn’t take more time out of your sales team’s day. Forget recording every correspondence, setting reminders, and noting every sale. That process only serves management and it’s almost never accurate. Automation can drive your business sales process to success with results-driven HubSpot CRM features such as paper trail timeline automation, personalised email automation, and magical meetings. 

HubSpot CRM helps you uncover the sales process of your business and define how you can assign leads to your sales team members. It also shows you the tasks to be completed at every stage of your sale workflow to prevent you from losing important deals.

HubSpot CRM helps you move your targeted leads through every stage of the sales process so that you can assess the strength of your sales funnel and make adjustments.


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Ready to create the capacity for increased productivity for your business?

You don't need to increase your payroll and hire staff. Reduced costs and increased productivity is the natural result of systems that automate time-consuming tasks, introduce structure and order, and ensure that your company data is safeguarded thanks to infrastructure security in cloud computing. 



Hosting Services

Up to 10 Users

Hosted Server

Hosted pbx/voice

Hosted Backup

Includes all Maintenance/remote Support


Managed Printing Services

A4 MFP Black or Colour Printer

Offsite Device Management

User cost control & Management

Includes all maintenance/toner/parts/call outs/remote support


Voice Connectivity

Sip Trunk

Voice over APN

Internet over 4G(Best possible signal)

Blended Rate 50c/pm (Local/national)

Snom Phones


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Hosting Services

Pro plus:

Up to 100 Users

Additional users& Feature

Managed Printing Services

2x A4 MFP black/colour

2x A3 MFP black/colour

Voice Connectivity

Fibre 50MB

Up to 100 Phones

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Our IT Support Services

Hosted PBX/VOIP (hosted telephone systems)

Network and security

Secure cloud storage

Managed Printing Services

Telecoms and internet

Web hosting (cloud-hosted solutions)

Get IT Solutions That Pay For Themselves Overtime

We understand that identifying the value of IT services doesn’t necessarily mean the budget is there. That’s why we bring you customisation - a build-your-own-IT-service deal. Choose only the services you value the most and scale up when you see productivity and revenue start to improve.

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